Van Ad Man

Van Ad Man connects brands with potential customers on the road via Britain’s workforce, using mobile on-vehicle advertising. They also give back to the community by giving 5% of business profits to local charities.

Getting Van Ad Man on the road

Starting from the ground up, we created a full brand, web strategy, web design, and rolled out both automated email marketing and targeted email marketing. We also began to manage their social media accounts, including not only brand led content, but also competitions and special offers, and created short animations for use on their website and social media pages.

Organic and Paid Social Media Management

As a new business, we had to create a range of social media profiles for Van Ad Man, and our main focus initially was to grow these pages before the launch of the website.

To do this, we utilised both organic and paid social media. We focused on Facebook and Instagram on the organic side, pushing out informative content about what Van Ad Man does, the benefits of registering and a pre-launch competition.

We also ran some page like ads with similar messaging to a targeted audience on Facebook. In just four months, completely from scratch, we grew the Facebook page exponentially.

After the launch of the website in March 2021 we introduced LinkedIn into the mix, and we switched our focus to increasing engagements with the profiles and pushing out the new website. In Q1 2021, we saw a six-figure total post reach across all platforms.