Split The Bills

Split The Bills aim to make shared-living and bill paying easier for everyone by setting up utilities on behalf of students to save them the time and hassle of doing it themselves. Their goal is to take away the stress and risk to make paying the bills easier, fairer and safer.

Split The Bills came onboard with Walnut in early 2020, looking for support with content creation, and their paid social media and PPC work. Working closely together, we have created a range of successful paid campaigns and ads across Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Google, to increase the amount of prospects and leads, and the amount of students signing up for student bill packages.

We have also supported Split The Bills with writing student relevant blog posts each month to populate the website, connect with the target audience, and to boost SEO, as well as with the creation of short animated videos for use on the website and social media.