How to get creative with your marketing on Valentine’s Day

How to get creative with your marketing on Valentine’s Day

For most, Valentine’s Day is a date dedicated to celebrating love, but commercially, February 14th provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to promote and capitalise on their products and services.

And even during a pandemic, this year is no exception as Valentine’s Day has become the event of the season. The novelty holidays are being fully embraced by the general public during the coldest lockdown yet and that’s why it’s never been more important to acknowledge the heart-shaped holiday within your marketing strategy.
At Walnut Creative, we are sharing some of the most effective Valentine’s Day marketing strategies for you to implement this Feb:


Get hearty <3

It’s the time of year where love heart emojis and graphics have to be overused. It’s true, we don’t make the rules… it’s common knowledge that those little heart-shapes need to be everywhere – on your website, across your socials and in your branding.
Not only does this indicate that your company doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also shows that it is up to date with all of the latest trends.
Adding seasonal branding, while maintaining your current aesthetics, can increase brand recognition and is an invaluable tool for advertising special promotions.

Valentine’s Day offers

While we’re on the topic of special promotions, there is probably no better tool to utilise in your marketing strategy than an online sales campaign – especially now millions of us primarily shop over the internet.
Especially since Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved one, and oneself (if single). By creating a Valentine’s discount code your business is showcasing that it appreciates its customers and draws further attention to your services and products.

Show your appreciation

Despite the commercial nature of the holiday, you don’t have to go fully promotional in February, you can always use Valentine’s Day as a way of showing your appreciation, be it for your customers, staff, fellow businesses or a charity. Valentine’s Day is all about love after all!
Why not spread the love through a heartwarming email campaign, an appreciative social post or by donating a share of your sales to charity? By giving back, your business can showcase its more compassionate side, which will be warmly received by all.
If your company needs help with its creative marketing strategies on Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter, Walnut Creative can help. We take pride in producing quality marketing materials that boast innovative design, incorporate the latest trends and fresh ideas to make them work for your business.
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