Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Business

Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Business

2020 and the global pandemic has had instrumental effects on business’ marketing strategies. Those who hadn’t already, joined the online sphere, and those who were already established online tried to find extra creative ways to market their businesses.

However, effective marketing is not as simple as setting up a Facebook or Instagram account and posting regularly. To build your online presence takes time and dedication. It takes the understanding of your brand personality, your tone of voice, and working within your capabilities to communicate the right messages to the right target audience. This often requires thoughtful creative thinking. How can you implement new creative ideas to boost your business?


Hashtags are a great way to boost social media posts as they share content with a wider community of people. Using the relevant #hashtags are important in building loyalty and trust from not only current customers, but potential new ones too.

Jump on trending #hashtags to get your business noticed in real-time to a greater audience. It is a good way to boost engagement.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a great way to increase the efficiency of your online marketing, allowing you to uncover what relevant keywords are going to bring your business the most value. Utilising these keywords in your social media content, PPC campaigns, your website copy and blogs will help you increase your online visibility, and make your content more accessible to your desired audience.

Well-researched keywords not only can help improve your organic listings, but also mean your PPC campaigns can be super targeted, so you can make sure you’re not wasting any of your budget on keywords that aren’t going to generate results.

Animation / GIFS

It is common knowledge for marketers that video content reaches and engages consumers more than text or image posts. Animations and GIFs are becoming increasingly favourable due to their ability to catch people’s attention quickly, offer call-to-action capabilities, trigger emotional responses and therefore increase shareability.

Market Research – Facts and figures

Any business can make claims that they are the best in their industry, provide the best technology, or help save you money, but proving it is something else.

There are many different value propositions for market research in business, and for the majority, it is worth using the results of your market research to give you that competitive edge over the competition by using them for content creation. Market research allows that opportunity for businesses to make strategic informed decisions and strengthen marketing strategies.

Community Engagements & Community Marketing

Industry experts predict the increase in community-based marketing efforts in 2021, calling it ‘The year of reconnection’. Community-based marketing is a popular public relations strategy that this year will hold extremely high value to businesses.

Engaging with charity work and supporting community projects, as well as creating open platforms for like-minded people to communicate with your brand, to share tips, views and opinions are increasingly important.

It is important to approach such tactics with respect and sensitivity, carefully selecting the right methods of communications to allow these conversations to be opened up. Careful monitoring and regular engagement are needed to build loyal long-lasting relationships.

Need a hand?

Quite often, businesses don’t have the time or capabilities to take full creative control over their marketing efforts and need a little helping hand in building their online presence.

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