So far this year, Walnut have embarked on a number of business trips outside of the UK, and our most recent venture was our furthest yet - a visit to China!

Yep that’s right, our very own Managing Director, Glen, was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to visit China and represent Barnsley Council, to show our friends across the pond the advancement in digital technology and business growth here in the UK.

The aim of the visit was to compare the regional and urban development between the UK and China, and to establish relationships in multiple cities to seek business and development opportunities for British based businesses.

With this being Glen’s first ever visit to China, he found it exceptionally educating from a business perspective.

Glen said: “I was delighted to attend and support the council in representing and supporting our region on a global platform. It was an amazing experience to get to meet and network with so many interesting and inspirational people.”

“Without the support of our local council, we wouldn’t be where we are today and being close to our council is important as we continue to grow and develop as a region. We really hope that this EU/China commission throws up further opportunities for Walnut as a business to grow and give back to our local council, and will most certainly put Barnsley on the map.”

There is a huge commitment in being able to connect the EU with partner countries and cities across the world, and at the moment, Barnsley is investing heavily in development to push the region forward, and allow for more business opportunities to be created.

Paul Clifford, from Barnsley Council, said: “The entire commission and programme shows so many common interests with our business and morals.”

“It is vitally important that local businesses in Barnsley look to develop and give opportunities to local people. The talent pool of personnel is as good as anywhere I’ve ever witnessed, and the programmes and commissions ensure we have the best possible chance of local growth as a town and as a region.”

As a company, Walnut thrive on continuous development in business, technology and people.

We take immense pride in being a Yorkshire-based business offering a range of marketing services to a variety of clients based right here locally in Barnsley, Sheffield and also Leeds.

Our professional services include social media, design, PR, photography, videography, and web development which we offer to our clients both locally as well as across the country.

We’re all so proud that Glen was given this opportunity to represent local, independent businesses in Barnsley, and we can only hope that Walnut will continue to grow and be even more successful in the future!