This week at Walnut creative, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and what better way to do so than welcome on board our new intern Josh, from Barnsley College.

Taking on apprentices has a beneficial impact on the team and Josh has already proven to be a great addition, assisting our crew with logo design, research and much more.

Josh is currently studying interactive media at college and has lots of experience doing computer-based design so he’s right at home with our designers. As an aspiring creative media designer and apprentice, he has been provided with heaps of work experience at Walnut to kick start his career.

His determination to create original content has already gone a long way in our team as that is what we are all about; being unique, being stylish and being creative. With our growing demand from clients, there is plenty of websites to be designed and developed to our high-quality standard.

Glen Crossland, Director at Walnut, commented: “It’s great to have so many youngsters taking an interest in the digital media industry. The demand for digital products is increasing and this experience in a digital marketing office will really help Josh to thrive.”

Josh will also be working closely with our team to produce bespoke web design, product brochures, signage and personalised emails that align with all the latest trends and demand. We have so much to offer and that’s the great thing about working with us!

If you are interested in changing up your business image, contact our senior graphic designer here at or call the office number on 01226 720711