The team at Walnut Creative are delighted to announce that yet another team member will be joining the ranks.

Matthew King will be joining our agency as Social Media Coordinator and will bring with him a wealth of skills and experience.

Matt studied Photography at Sheffield Hallam University, meaning Walnut Creative can offer even more photography work than before, thanks to Matt’s top class skills.

But that’s not all Matt will be doing. He’ll also be learning the social media ropes, allowing him to oversee the management of all our client’s social media platforms.

Since his start date, Matt has dove straight into the foodservice and catering industry, making it his mission to educate himself on the ins and outs of all of our clients.

“Not only will Matt be working on social media for Walnut Creative, but he’s also an excellent photographer,” said Glen Crossland, director at Walnut Creative.

“This means that he’s bringing a wide variety of skills to the table and we can’t wait to see how his skills progress, allowing the team as a whole to progress at the same time.”

Contact Matt by emailing for information or any queries.

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