Change is currently on the horizon for Walnut and the team have all been busy bees recently, but we are pleased to finally reveal our new look after rebranding and moving offices!

As you’re all probably aware with the updates we’ve been posting on our blog and on social media, this year has already been an incredible year for Walnut. We’ve had so much new work coming in every day which means that we have had to take on more staff and naturally, we knew that our previous office wouldn’t be big enough for everyone!

So, with a new office and more staff, we realised that we’re all slowly moving onto the next Walnut chapter and thought it would only make sense to switch up our current look. Sticking with our previous Walnut logo, our new theme colours consist of midnight blue and gold, which we all agreed looks perfect together and works really well.

As we have changed our brand look, we have also changed our website to match the new brand colours, with new staff photos and a staff video which you can view on our website that shows more of our new office.

You may have already seen a few sneak peek posts on social media, but we have stuck with a standout wall at the back of the office for a real impact, similar to our last office. Our famous tagline has been splashed all over the back wall and so has the updated Walnut logo, which any visitors will instantly notice as soon as they walk through the door.

Although we’ve not been in our new home for long, our team has quickly settled in and made it their own with a new ‘break-out’ area where we can enjoy lunch or coffee with a client, new photos on the walls which have all been chosen by our team and a new ‘meeting pod’ for both client and team meetings.

This is our fifth office within the DMC which we have been based in for the last three years, and our new office is the largest space in the DMC.

It’s been almost a year since we last rebranded and moved offices, and we felt that in order to keep up our ethos of being a modern, forward-thinking marketing agency, we needed a change that was in the form of a fresh new look and a bigger boat for our ever-growing team.

We love our new look and new office and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 brings for us! Make sure you keep an eye out for more updates coming very soon and more exciting news that we will be sharing with you very shortly…