So you’ve decided to enhance your business through marketing? The next decision is whether or not your company is going to market itself, or use a trusted agency to gain the exposure wanted. 

Marketing a business is a time-consuming process and as an owner, managing yours and your team’s time is the number one priority. In this day and age, companies need some form of marketing to effectively showcase their products and services, as every business’s situation is different, the choice on how to market is something worth thinking about. Here are some reasons Walnut believe outsourcing your marketing needs is better than doing it in-house:

A whole lotta services

A creative marketing agency has all the features and services needed to successfully market your business. As each company varies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; a marketing agency like Walnut can utilise their department’s services, from design to PR and content, videography and web development, to choose the services which your company is most likely to benefit from. 

Depending on your final objective, an outsourced marketing company will tailor your service to create the best outcome.


Developing a marketing campaign requires lots of insider knowledge about the industry and thorough knowledge on various marketing concepts including branding, social media, paid advertising and SEO amongst many others. As so much specialism is required, the most successful campaigns apply all the different concepts rather than depending on a solitary department. Connecting with an established marketing agency always minimises the chance of mistakes in the campaign. 

Value for money

Hiring a marketing agency means for a single cost, you are introduced to all the elements of marketing with access to numerous departments all of which are working on all the different ways of enhancing your brand and image. It doesn’t matter what sector you belong in, or the size of your company, an experienced marketing agency will price your package on the particular demands needed.

Prioritised time

Lumping one person or department within your company, with the task of marketing your business requires lots of time, energy and research. Hiring an agency, however, means that those contracted individuals have more time to spend on your campaign and will ultimately deliver better solutions. To sum up, the agency is better equipped with the right tools to create exposure and deliver success for your company. 

Discuss your marketing choices with our team to see which solutions are best for you, contact to start your campaign now!