It’s fair to say that Walnut know a lot about foodservice - we could probably talk for hours on the subject and there is little we don’t know about it!

So, what better way to talk about foodservice with other industry professionals for everyone else to hear with a podcast hosted by our very own Glen and Liam, an industry first!

Yes, Walnut will be launching our very own foodservice podcast in which Glen and Liam will be talking all things foodservice with different guests every cast from the likes of chefs, restaurant owners, distributors and manufacturers (or anyone who works in the foodservice sector and fancies a good natter with the nutters!)

In each podcast, we will discuss the latest news, equipment, innovations and the future of foodservice with our guests, finding out their opinions on the subject matter.

Glen currently co-hosts a podcast with workwear brand, Clobber-Calm, talking to denim and leather brands around the world including Red Wing, Levi’s, Nudie Jeans and many more.

The podcast proved to be a success and was even featured in Grazia magazine, which gave us inspiration to do our own for the foodservice sector.

Glen said: “I’ve done quite a few podcasts for the ClobberCast with Ben Woodhouse on a continuous rolling schedule, we love them! It’s great speaking with all the guests from around the world and discussing views and opinions on the podcast. This gave me the idea to do a catering specific podcast in which foodservice is the topic of conversation.”

“I’ve been in the foodservice sector for almost 10 years now, and I’ve learnt so much about the industry from all angles which is why I decided to start Walnut Creative.

“Being in the industry since I was quite young has allowed me to develop my knowledge on foodservice, which is why I thought doing a podcast would be a good idea and something I think could really take off as this has never been done before with this particular subject.”

We’re currently looking for potential guests we can chat to for the podcast so if you’re in the foodservice industry and would like to be involved, you can get in touch at

The podcast will be available for you to listen to and download from the iTunes Podcasts app, so make sure you keep an eye out for more info coming very soon!

Watch this space!