If you’re not currently thinking about PR for your business, you should be!

Public relations is a great way to boost your brand's credibility and reputation, and get your name out in the press for everyone to see.

The world of PR can be a daunting one to approach. How do you get started? What parts of your business do you talk about? How do you change or improve the public perception of your brand? What publications/journalists do you target? How do you write a press release?

There’s a lot to consider (which is where our team of PR experts can help), but first we thought we’d take a look at the ways that PR can prove effective for your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

A huge benefit of PR is that by securing coverage in a variety of publications, you can guarantee it will expose your business to new audiences who previously may not have heard of you, raising your profile and awareness of who you are and what you do.

Highlight Business Success

Doing PR gives you the opportunity to shout from the rooftops about the good things that are going on with your business, whether that be a new hire, an investment, a huge deal, an office move, a new product launch, charity work, or maybe even something else!

Position Business As Industry Experts

You don’t just have to write your own press releases to get strong PR coverage. Is there a relevant national story that your business could comment on for a journalist to use as an expert opinion? Could you write an opinion piece for a publication in your sector?

This a great way to position your business and your staff as industry experts who know their stuff, helping to raise your credibility.

Just make sure you do your research so you know which journalists to reach out to.

Builds Trust With Potential Customers/Clients

Shouting about good news and securing coverage in key publications is going to help relevant people see that news, and hopefully remember it!

This is a great way to build trust and make a great first impression with potential new customers/clients.

Cost Effective

Got an interesting, newsworthy story? Organic coverage won’t cost you a penny! This might not always be the case - if your story doesn’t have much news value, publications may offer to run it as an advertorial, which will cost you.

However, it’s great news if you have a strong story.

So if you’ve got a good story about your business, with a strong news angle, you should be good to go!

If you’re not sure on the next steps, however, our team of PR experts are here to help you. You can email Victoria or Emily, our Content Marketing Coordinators, on victoria@walnutcreative.co.uk or emilyquinn@walnutcreative.co.uk, to find out more.