Here at Walnut Creative we have begun writing monthly reports for each one of our clients, to let them know exactly how their social media accounts and websites are getting on and what actions we will be taking with them in future. We would like to take the time to talk about these reports in more detail, so you can know what to expect whether you are an existing client or are interested in our services.

The main reason we report is quite simply, to inform our clients about how their social media accounts and websites are performing, to give them an inside look into their analytics, and to give them some clarity when it comes to what all these different analytics mean for them.

To gain all the information we need to write an extensive report for our clients, we make use of many different tools available to us for this job specifically. For example, Twitter features a built in analytics tool which allows us to gather information such as which tweets were the most successful, how many followers have been received in the last 28 days, insights into the main audience of the content, and much more.

When we write a report, we always write future actions for the account in question so that our client can know exactly what we plan on doing with their account in the coming month, and our clients can then contribute any ideas they may have regarding future actions so that we can create a more personal and uniquely tailored marketing strategy. Our future actions will always be created to target a specific opportunity we can see by viewing the analytics, for example, if we notice that posts that include image content get the most attention, we know that we should use more imagery in future to continue gaining these post impressions.

We are also beginning to write monthly reports based around Google analytics, Adwords, and marketing in general. By discussing Google analytics and Adwords, we can see exactly how the website is performing in terms of SEO, clicks, etc. With Adwords, we can see how successful our clients online advertising strategies are by seeing how many clicks their ads receive etc. With our general marketing reports, we can discuss other marketing campaigns our clients may have requested. For example, we can write about a direct mail campaign that was sent out, and also write about the feedback we received when following up on the campaign by phone or email.

All in all, we believe that our monthly reports give our clients some fantastic insights into exactly how we work, how their accounts are working, and what actions they can expect to see be taken on their social media accounts, their websites, ads, and any other marketing they may be involved with.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read! If you would like to get in touch with us regarding our range of online marketing services please email us at: