Here at Walnut Creative we believe in pursuing the latest marketing trends to always be one step ahead, and to continue being one of the most forward thinking companies in the industry. After completing research we have pinpointed some of the biggest marketing trends that will appear in 2017 and we’re implementing these already for our client base.

For example, one of the biggest trends of 2017 may very well be A.I solutions. Due to the constantly increasing almost endless amounts of information on the web, it’s incredibly easy for consumers to get lost and confused whilst searching for products that suit their needs. With A.I Solutions, the consumer can have their needs predicted as they arise, meaning that the best product for their needs can be found and tailored just for them, making it easier for the consumer to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for.

For the new generation, also known as “Gen Z” Instant satisfaction and connection is mandatory, due to growing up with streaming web services and easy access to any content they want on the go. Marketers must adapt to this generations needs by ensuring their content is easy to access, instant, and satisfying to view.

Due to the constantly increasing amounts of information on the internet, marketers can use certain tools to help narrow the consumers view of content, ensuring that the consumer isn’t overwhelmed by information and lost when trying to find their niche product. The consumers viewing habits and more related data can be used to help consumers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Mobile devices are becoming the shoppers best friend, with on the go access to their favourite shops, brands, and products. Marketers must adapt to this to ensure the modern day user can access their content on the go with no restrictions.

Social influencers are becoming increasingly important in the modern day market, with consumers immersing themselves in the social web, so too must marketers to ensure that their products and services are heard loud and clear in these circles.

As well as the habits of consumers evolving, so too is their resentment towards intrusive marketing. With instant access to the products they want, consumers don’t appreciate other brands and products being pushed in their faces via pop-up, sneaky banner marketing and more. The old mindset of forcing consumers to see products has shifted, meaning marketers must instead invite consumers to view the brand by their own choice, rather than pushing consumers away.

Words are overrated, in this modern day of marketing images and videos are the way forward. As stated, consumers enjoy instant access to their material, and the material the modern day consumer much prefers to view tends to be less word based, and more appealing to the eye. By using creative marketing such as images and videos, we can ensure that the consumer is happy with the content, and gets all the information they require in a more satisfying manner.

Walnut Creative fully intends to adapt with these new marketing trends, and there will surely be more to come through the year. Keep an eye on our blog and social media feeds to keep up to date with the team and all our latest news and insights!

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