When it comes to your brand and your products, studio photography is the key to helping your customers visualise your brand.

There are some very important tips to note when it comes to photographing your products - without the right shots, people may turn to other brands who have great visuals so that they know exactly what they’re buying.

Quality is much more important than quantity, you may have 100 photographs of your products, but if they aren’t good quality, then they can’t be used. Customers will have a much better understanding of your products if they can clearly see each detail.

A good way to ensure high quality photos, is to invest in a great camera or an expert photographer. Luckily, here at Walnut we have some amazing photographers who are ready and waiting to get snappy.

Lighting is also vital, without it the photographs will be difficult to see and won’t look very professional - you can buy a light-box or even improve the lighting in the room that you are photographing.

There is no need to rush, as perfection takes time, you could even draw out each photo beforehand to help with framing and positioning.

A final thing to keep in mind is editing. You may use any good editing tool to touch-up the lighting, vibrance or contrast if you aren't 100 per cent satisfied with the finished product. Thankfully, our team here at Walnut have you covered in that department too!

Our up-to-date equipment and dedicated team are ready to help you achieve your ideal goal when it comes to product photography.

Give us a call on 01226720711 or email liam@walnutcreative.co.uk for more details.