We’re like a little family here at Walnut, as our business grows, we all grow together and we love to see our team develop and expand their roles.

All of our team do such an amazing job, and are all specialists in their roles, but right now we’d like to pay particular attention to our very own double act, the Gilroy brothers.

Liam, who was previously our Marketing Manager has now taken on the role of Marketing Director, and Jordan, our Graphic Designer, will now be utilising his creative flair as Creative Director.

Walnut has come such a long way since the pair joined the team, and in a short space of time they have both been able to transform the way our agency operates, really taking it to the next step in terms of marketing and design direction. 

Since starting out just under three-years-ago, Walnut now has a full office of professionals across a range of departments including design, PR, photography, videography and web development. 

Whilst overseeing our wide range of fully comprehensive marketing services, Liam and Jordan will be assisting our Managing Director, Glen, with our business development and take special care of our growing client list. 

Glen said: “In the past two years Walnut has gone from strength to strength, and since joining our team, both Liam and Jordan have had an immense effect on the way we work and the quality of work we are producing for clients.

“I am thrilled that they have now settled into their roles as directors and I am 100% certain that they can help myself and the team to take our output to the next level. I am very excited to see what the future holds for us!”

For any questions you have on marketing, contact Liam at liam@walnutcreative.co.uk and for design support get in touch with Jordan at jordan@walnutcreative.co.uk.