Last night it was announced the country would plunge into another nationwide lockdown, in a move reminiscent of last March.

The last lockdown caused a number of complications for businesses across the UK and forced many to move their operations, services and products online.

In 2020, Walnut Creative helped new and existing companies digitalise effectively, which is why, we wanted to further assure our clients that it’s business as usual for us, as we remain open to help navigate our clients through this difficult period.

What we’re doing
Like in 2020, our main priority continues to be keeping our employees and communities as healthy and as safe as possible, which is why our team will continue working from home for the foreseeable, keeping communication levels high with email monitoring, zoom chats and regular phone calls.

How we can help you
2021 will see a huge shift in social media and marketing. After a strenuous year of survival for lots of companies, many are now incorporating digital technologies into their business and social processes. And they would be right to do so.

To survive the new competitive online landscape, you will need support and Walnut is the company to help. Whether it’s boosting customer engagement, company branding or increasing sales and services, we can help you gain valuable traffic and revenue through our organic content, paid social advertising, Google ads and analytics.

Over the past year especially, Walnut has proven to be a profitable channel for a mix of businesses, in an array of industries, looking for fast and effective traffic and conversions.

Website audits
At Walnut, we’re here to improve your digital presence in a multitude of ways, one way we would start is with a website audit.

A site audit identifies issues with the website as a whole, its performance, vulnerability and identifies a number of key ways a business can improve its site and ultimately, its online presence.

The site auditing process analyses user engagement, user experience, traffic, functionality, site health and website performance and most importantly sets you ahead of the competition.

Keeping your business digital is so important right now, so if you have any questions about any of our services, or you're looking for a creative agency to take you in the right direction, give us a call on 01226 720 711 or drop us an email at