Do you think your website is in need of a fresh look or are you worried it’s not performing as well as it should be? A website audit could reveal where your site’s weaknesses lie.

Walnut Creative can perform a detailed audit on your current website, looking at both the technical and design aspects to see where things can be enhanced.

The performance of a website is 50 per cent design and 50 per cent technical, and both sides need to be at an optimum level in order to achieve desired results.

Our website audits assess how well your site runs, checking how slow it is, whether the links are all optimised, tags are correct and SEO is to a high standard.

Using this data, we can make a clear assessment of where your site can be improved technically, creatively and also, whether or not the written content needs update if it is too full of jargon or too lengthy.

Our extensive industry knowledge also allows us to identify where you can make better cater to those in the foodservice industry, and how to attract your client base to your website.

Once we have completed our website audit, we can work on putting our advice into practice – should you require it.

Our team of web and creative designers can make all of the necessary adjustments to ensure that your website is functioning at a maximum level and also apply the necessary creative flair to make your site really pop.

To find out more about our website audits and how we can improve your website, give us a call on 01226 720711 or drop our Director, Glen, an email