Rather than throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks, as a company, you need to figure out who your chosen market is and how to target them. But first, you need to understand what you have to offer and who would want to be a customer of yours. 

Acknowledge what your brand and target market is

It's important to distinguish your sector; most businesses can be split into retail or service. If your business can fit into retail, you need to make sure your range of products are outperforming your competitors’ and if you provide a service, you need to ensure your skills are fine-tuned and your customer service is on point.  

There are many factors to consider when determining who your target market is. Look at previous customers of yours and estimate their age, gender, where they’re based, occupation, marital status, culture and interests/hobbies. Once these are considered it is easier to evaluate how your product or service will benefit your customer’s existence. 

Build your brand online 

As a business, building your brand online is pivotal, it is also a free and easy way to promote your assets. It doesn’t matter which sector your business belongs to, every company benefits from an online platform, or several. Creating a brand image, content and tone of voice assists in delivering an instant recognition tool for your customers. 

Besides, a brand identity fuels a consistent and unified trademark. By using the same branding materials, that link to your website, you create a unique online existence - generating further awareness.

Run campaigns to see what consumer response you get 

Running a social media marketing campaign is a great way of increasing brand awareness, raising the visibility of your business’s services or products. Engaging with the general public helps discover which individuals gravitate towards your company, ultimately increasing your chance for sales and recommendations. 

Being placed on the feed of a potential customer is another way of creating company identity and trust. It’s well-known that consumers tend to purchase from companies they recognise or have previously been visually stimulated by. 

Identify what your customers want most from you

Naturally, business owners keep a log of product and service sales, but looking at highest purchased menu-items is also key in discovering what element of your company is the most popular with consumers. Customers purchase products or services based on expectation and what they believe your company will provide for them. 

Assessing your most popular products and services, to see why those are the top-sellers is one way of filtering your offerings, effectively marketing the products and services that are worth advertising. 

It may also be beneficial research on similar companies to yours, see what they are promoting and how they are promoting it. Surfing the Internet for articles and blog posts that refer to your company’s target market is another way of understanding how to effectively campaign. 

Conducting your own research is the most effective way of obtaining information personal to your company and customers’ needs. If you provide a service, ask your customer to fill out a performance review, once completed. If your focus is product sales, once a customer has purchased one of your items, sending a follow-up email about said product or sending the link to a survey about consumer insights is a worthwhile way of receiving essential feedback.

Deliver what they want 

Once you’ve uncovered who your target market is and what they want from your company, it’s important to utilise that information and convert it into growing sales. 

By understanding the expectations of your customers, in future, you’ll be better able to mould your offerings, abandoning the products and services that aren’t helping your company or your customers and deliver the most effective consumer experience possible.