In this social media obsessed climate, it’s easy to assume why it seems essential for a company to hold a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile. As a business, building your brand awareness is pivotal and social media acts as an easy way to promote your assets. Like all types of exposure, there are benefits and drawbacks to being featured on the famous three.

Brand Identity 


It’s no secret that a primary way of building business credibility is through implementing a brand identity. Whether this is through the content you showcase, the logo attached to your materials or the colours utilised in your campaigns, transferring your brand’s identity across to its social media sisters is one way of stimulating a style and image. Whilst a website, business cards and printed advertisements have historically been the go-to materials for start-ups, social media is now seen as one of the critical promotion methods that should be added to the menu.

Promoting materials across social media platform allows a company to distribute its brand across the several platforms and deliver a consistent and unified production. By using the same content and imagery that link to your website, you create a pioneering online existence which ultimately generates organic brand awareness.


It is time consuming to unify everything and stay consistently ‘on brand’. If this resonates with how you would feel, we would suggest outsourcing your marketing and social media with an agency who have the time and knowledge to exhibit your brand. 

Customer Interaction 


Since the initial purpose of social media was to interact and connect with those surrounding you, businesses have utilised these interactions as a marketing tool to promote a flawless brand. Social media platforms provide an instant communication tool which businesses can use to their advantage to resolve complaints, answer queries and follow their target market in order to mould their services and products. It provides an organic space to engage with fans and potential or actual customers. 

When businesses respond directly to customer’s query, it reveals the willingness to achieve positive customer satisfaction. This type of interaction is a simple way to adopt loyalty and cement a positive impression within your customers’ minds.


In a world where individuals live tweet their customer experiences and interactions, any transaction that is resembled to the customer as anything less than perfect can equate to a less than perfect review. If these build up it can seriously damage a brand’s reputation and image; in this case, it’s important to have a good in-house or outsourced PR team at hand to restore character. 

It’s free!


One element of social media that doesn’t require a con, is its price. Unless you choose to purchase additional social media marketing features, you benefit from a free platform to showcase your brand. Few things in life are free so the benefit of a complimentary promo tool is not something that can be ignored. Not only that, but expanding your social media catalogue is one way to positively impact your website traffic and search ranking. Businesses have the option to display their website, so a visitor needs to look no further to connect to your online head office. 

Into the bargain is the opportunity for businesses to promote elements of their products and services through effective personal advertising, featuring images of what you want to promote alongside the content which is going to boost reputation, exposure and direct customers specifically to the information you want them to see. 

Social media also provides a free way to improve organic search rankings on Google. When social posts link to the company website, those links help Google recognise that your website is genuine and should appear on searches, under specific keywords. By integrating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into your marketing strategy, you can positively impact your online search results.