This Morning Walnut Creative were lucky enough to attend a Digital Garage On Tour seminar by Google! The seminar covered many interesting facts, and we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about what was covered in a blog post.

Firstly, we discussed the fact that the vast majority of businesses in the UK are now digital, meaning that the next generation of business and how differently these new businesses work during their day to day operations is already upon us. We also learned the fact that 77% of all UK purchases are purchased online. This ranges from food shopping, to train tickets and even cars. This shows just how fast our country is excelling when it comes to entering the digital age, and definitely provides an interesting insight into just how much businesses in the modern era need to adapt to these figures to be able to grow and develop.

Another interesting fact we learned at the seminar is that the UK uses technology on a day to day basis more than Japan! This was both shocking and exciting to us, as Japan has always been seen as one of the most forward thinking countries in the world. Although this fact is still true, it’s great to know that the UK are standing right there with Japan in terms of digital media, and we can continue to take pride in our country and its contribution to the digital age.

We also learned that businesses grow twice as fast when they have an online presence. This could be anything from a simple website, to social media engagement, online video content, and so on. Here at Walnut we have always been aware of the advantages of online presence for a business, but it’s exciting to be able to see an exact figure from a business as massive and as significant as Google!

The seminar also covered things such as website design, mentioning the need for a clear purpose, a strong call to action, fast loading times, and so on. We also learned that in the UK, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic! This is a very significant fact when it comes to digital marketing, online presence and business in general.

Finally, we learned that Google loves blogs. This is due to search engine optimisation, the more content you post to your site, the more you will rise up the Google ranks! Which means we will continue to post here as often as possible and will continue to keep you up to date with everything that goes on here at Walnut Creative.

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