As the face of marketing continues to change and the benefits of mobile suitability are not only considered but become a key part of any website or campaign, it’s important to take into account why and how this is happening and how you can adapt with the times to get the most out of your online presence.

Over the last few years the number of mobile users on the web has risen dramatically. Research shows that around the beginning of 2014, daily use of the internet via mobile surpassed desktop users, meaning that it isn’t simply a theory that mobile users make up the majority anymore, it’s fact.

Due to this fact it’s incredibly important to ensure that the majority user can quickly and easily access your site. Due to the rise of smartphones, iPads and so on, the average consumer will access content using their mobile device daily. Whether it’s on the train, sat in a cafe, or just the simplicity of pulling out a phone as opposed to logging in to their desktop, you need to be able to attract these users to your content by ensuring it’s accessible.

By doing this, you can take advantage of the rise of the mobile device rather than seeing it as a threat. The fact of the matter is, people surf the web more every single day than they ever could before smart mobile devices, meaning that if you take this into consideration and prepare for this eventuality there is potential to have more traffic to your site than ever possible a decade ago.

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