We caught up with Walnut Director, Glen, to find out his visions for growth in the new normal and just how the right marketing plan will impact the future of digital in business.

Future-proofing your business is more important than ever right now. Over the past few months, I’ve seen businesses struggling to stay afloat due to the effects of the global pandemic, and in all honesty, things haven’t been easy for us either! The team have all pulled together to make things work for our clients in a way that I never expected. Our heart and soul goes into work for our clients and knowing we’ve made a difference is a job well done! However, even though it’s been full steam ahead for us lately, it’s made me think about what the future holds and just how we can use the world of marketing to future proof our own businesses and to ensure we get a constant stream of customers coming in.

Keep your marketing going

Marketing your business is what keeps you going. Without marketing, everything stops. Customers go elsewhere. No one hears about your news. What is it you do again? Being at the forefront of your industry is crucial to getting customers to notice you, which means it is absolutely vital to keep your marketing going in any way you can, even when times are tough.

Your overall digital strategy is important, with everything from your website, organic social content, blogging, email marketing and beyond playing a huge part in your business’ success. Without the right strategy in place, the effects of 2020’s global pandemic could mean you get left behind.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout recent months, it’s that we should all be looking to the future of our business and how we plan on reaching our business goals no matter what.

Creating a futureproof digital strategy in the new normal

Preparing for business in the new normal must start with creating a complete digital strategy which is futureproof, and one which can be easily amended to adapt with new developing trends.

Make it easy for your customers

The needs of customers are forever changing, especially these days. It’s surprising how much of an effect the pandemic has had on the needs of our own clients’ customers! We’ve had to make some adjustments to our clients’ strategies to incorporate recent changes, from promoting brand new products to further assist in the fight against COVID19, to placing a brand new focus in content strategies to make our clients more relevant at this time.

Think about your customer expectations. For example, is it important that your customers can find what they need quickly? Can a customer navigate around your website easily or find the right information within seconds? Looking at how people use your website now can be an indicator of what needs to be changed for the future to give them a better experience.

This is not just relevant for your website either; think about your content and social media strategies too. Are you keeping up with trends in your industry, thinking ahead and being there whenever your customers need something? Do you know the types of content your customers love and why they love it? It’s impossible to know what the future holds and how customer behaviour will change over time, but analysing and reviewing their habits now will give you a good indication of their needs in the future.

A future-proof content strategy

Having a content strategy and creating new content which will continue to be relevant for years to come is near impossible. Creating content that you can amend to be more relevant in the future is what you should aim for. We always see a blog as being such a useful tool on our client’s websites and we always encourage them to use this to their advantage! Our content team always keeps up to date with industry trends so they can amend strategies when needed and focus exactly on what matters to our client’s target audience.

Writing content isn’t the be-all and end-all of content marketing. Sharing that content far and wide with the people who want to see it is just as important and will continue to be this way as the years pass. Think about how you can incorporate your content into your organic social media strategy and your email marketing plan or repurposing this content to create new and exciting ways for your customers to engage with you. Writing, promoting and sharing content is what our own content team here at Walnut thrive on, and they know just how to get your content seen in all the important places.

Take care of your subscribers

The usual list of responsiveness, interactivity and intrigue is sure to get people clicking through those emails, but what does the future look like for email marketing and your subscribers? Keeping emails as visual and interactive as possible, and ensuring your content is accessible to all is what will make your email marketing plan futureproof, but how will the new normal impact how we shop and access information?

From shopping through emails alone to receiving highly personalised email content, things are predicted to change dramatically over the next few years. How we shop in the future will change, and digital will be the way forward for many, if not all businesses who haven’t yet embraced it. By thinking about your email marketing strategy now, this will place you in good stead for the future of digital. We’re ready to future-proof our client’s strategies right now, so if you’re looking for help, we’ve got the team available to make it happen.

The future of your marketing can start today with Walnut Creative

Focusing on how you advertise online and your whole digital marketing strategy for the future is important right now. As a business, we’re putting the measures into place for both ourselves and our clients to keep them afloat in the new normal and to ensure they thrive in a new digital world.

If you need marketing support for your business as we move forward further into a world of digital, our team can help you. Take a look at our range of services to see how we can help and give us a call today.