In business, we all want to stand out. We want to be seen in a certain light, one that portrays exactly what we want to achieve and one that brings in the right leads. This is one thing every business has in common; we all want to get noticed!

Your tone of voice is your brand’s personality, and you should know your personality better than anyone else. Are you conveying this in both your written and visual content? If not, you’re missing out on some seriously important marketing.

Getting your tone just right takes time, even identifying your brand’s personality can take a bit of work, especially if you’re a new business. What steps can you take to define your brand’s tone of voice, and how can you share this with existing and potential customers?

Get to know who your audience really is

Selling to the right people is so important for success. So, get to know them. Find out their interests and other types of content they engage with. Perhaps they engage more with the fun content than the more serious - experiment with your own content too to find out what sparks up a response.

Research your competitors, but don’t focus on them

Of course, researching your competition is a must to see what you’re up against, but don’t make them the main focus of what you’re trying to achieve. No one likes a copycat, especially not the brand you’re copying from. People like new and original, so make sure you think outside the box instead of replicating exactly what you’ve seen another brand use.

Identify your core values

Knowing what you’re setting out to achieve can help massively with your tone of voice. What are the goals for you and your business? What do you stand for? Why is your brand unlike others out there? Answering these questions alone can give you a pretty good idea of what your brand’s tone of voice should be.

This or that

There are four primary tone of voice dimensions that are often considered when businesses go through the stage of identifying their personality:

  • Formal or casual?
  • Humorous or serious?
  • Respectful or irreverent?
  • Enthusiastic or matter-of-fact?


Of course, you’ll need to tread carefully - you don’t want to upset your customer base or prevent the right customers from being turned off by your approach!

Need a hand?

If you’re struggling to give your brand a little personality, we’re here to help. From complete rebrands to tailoring your content to your brand’s personality, we’re a talented bunch and here to help you when you need it.

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