Here at Walnut, we’re very proud of the team we’ve got and during lockdown especially, we have realised how hard each member of the team works to support our clients and produce high-quality marketing solutions for them.

To compensate the team for their consistent hard work, we have decided to implement an Employee of the Month reward scheme.

June was the first month to host the programme and what a start it was! It was a close call for several Walnutters who emerged in the lead for their outstanding contributions.

However, it was two members of the team in particular who excelled, as the rest of the Walnut team voted them as joint Employees of the Month. We’re delighted to announce Nathan and Alisha took the lead and were awarded the title.

Several members of the team nominated Nathan for his hard work in a range of large design projects, showcasing high-quality design briefs and hitting targets left, right and centre. While Alisha was nominated for taking on a new role with ease and expertise, learning new skills and receiving some great feedback from clients.

For us, each nomination highlighted team morale and shone recognition on those who very much deserve it.

Congratulations Alisha and Nathan for winning the first-ever ‘Employee of the Month’ and good luck to the rest of the team for July!