Social media has completely changed marketing, becoming a powerful tool to connect directly with your audience.

It allows you to shape conversation around your brand, increase brand awareness, build loyalty with your customers and even attract new business.

There are plenty of ways to utilise social media in your marketing strategy to reap the rewards, from paid advertising, community management, organic content and more.

We thought we’d get the inside scoop from our Digital Content Executive, Alisha, who specialises in social media here at Walnut…

Check For Notifications

The first thing I do in the morning is check for any notifications on my clients’ social media accounts, which is extremely important to ensure I keep on top of customer comments, or any trends that might be relevant for clients to jump on.

This can take a little while, as each client often has two, three, or even four different platforms (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) that I need to check through.

After this, I’ll check my emails and respond accordingly.

Check Paid Accounts

Once I’ve done this, it’s time to check my paid social media accounts! This is primarily on Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads/Analytics. Paid social is a great way to reach new audiences who might not have heard of you yet, rather than having to rely on your organic followers.

I check the performance of any ads that are running, make sure budgets are being used efficiently, and make any necessary tweaks to help boost performance. Paid social can often be a lot of trial and error, so testing different ad copy and creatives to see what works best with your target audience is vital.

There is usually a bit of data to sift through, especially on the larger campaigns, but it’s always satisfying to see an ad you’ve created bringing in great results for clients, whether that be conversions, increased website traffic, more leads, or something else!

Stay On Top Of The News

One thing I find really useful to help me keep on top of the latest trends and news in the social media community is to be signed up to any relevant email newsletters (Social Media Today do a really good one!), and to spend some time each day reading through them.

It’s also useful to sign up to any client industry-specific newsletters to keep on top of the latest news in their sectors! This is a great way to find interesting and relevant talking points for social media.

A Bit Of Everything

The rest of my day can vary. I might be pulling together social schedules for clients, scheduling in content to go out, having a call with a client, writing new ad copy, briefing in new ad graphics to our amazing design team, looking at what kind of posts have been performing well, researching future content, analysing data, pulling together social media reports, the list is endless!

I’ll always take a little break away from my computer and what I’m doing on my dinner break. You’ll usually find me scrolling through Tik Tok or Instagram, but this can actually be a great way to accidentally stumble across some good content to take inspiration from!

It can be hectic at times, but that’s one of my favourite things about working in social media. Every day is so varied as it’s such a fast paced industry that’s always changing, and the day-to-day tasks can vary massively.


Having a to-do list is definitely useful when working in social media, as often I could have lots of little tasks to do, so it can be easy for things to slip your mind if you’re not really organised. A diary is also useful to keep on top of things!

And Finally…

Social media can be very unpredictable, which can sometimes make it difficult. It can also be very rewarding though, proving time and time again to be an extremely powerful, creative and interactive way to reach your customers.

If you’re looking for some support with your brand’s social media, email Alisha on