Our graphic design team is without a doubt the cornerstone of Walnut.

A striking design is an excellent way to enhance your marketing and communication with your customers, whether that be in with a logo, a brochure, a website design, an email marketing campaign or even a graphic on social media.

Our talented team of designers here at Walnut do a reyt good job day in, day out, so we thought we’d shed some light on what a typical day in their shoes looks like, by having a chat with our Senior Graphic Designer Emily!

Take it away Emily…

I’ll log on just before 9am, cup of herbal tea in hand, and write a priority list of tasks for the day. Other jobs are likely to get briefed in through the day, especially if anyone else in the team needs any support with deadlines.

I’ll also make sure I’m on top of my emails, replying to any that needs responding to, and I’ll check my diary for any meetings that I have later in the day, adding them into my daily schedule.

Every other day we’ll then have our design team meeting, where each designer discusses what their day is looking like work-wise. We’ll also give any advice to each other, keep everyone in the loop on our workloads, brief in any new projects, and discuss new work and the latest styles and trends.

After our call I’ll then start to work through my task list, finding the best way to bring ideas to life. This includes spending time researching the best way to meet briefs, and finding new techniques and trends, whilst also developing a style and concept for the final design.

Whilst working through my daily list, urgent requests will naturally come through. Time management is really important in ensuring that original deadlines are met, whilst also handling any urgent work that comes in day to day.

Dinner Time
I’ll always take this time to get a break away from my screen! It’s really important to have a break, especially when you’re sat staring at a computer screen for the most of the day, and I always find I can come back refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon’s workload.

Rest Of The Day…
After dinner I’ll check my emails again, and respond accordingly. Usually in the afternoon I’ll have at least one Zoom call with either a client or the Walnut team.

I’ll crack on with any projects I was working on in the morning, until the end of the day.

I like to spend the last part of my day reflecting on which tasks I have done, and which work needs to continue into tomorrow. I make notes on any work that needs to be given priority tomorrow morning.

If any of the team are waiting on work from me, I’ll communicate this with them, and let them know when they can expect it to be done.

A good design is often the first thing that people notice, so it’s an important job to get right. Not only does a strong design look aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps keep consistency and conveys your brand’s personality, and what you’re all about.

I love the creativity of being a graphic designer and being able to bring brands to life, even if it can be really busy at times!

Is your business searching for a new look? If you’re wanting to freshen up your brand, drop Emily an email on emily@walnutcreative.co.uk!