14th September 2020

Calling all Web Developers, we’re recruiting!

If you’re an experienced and dedicated web developer looking for a new and exciting opportunity, we think we have something that will be right up your street…

We’re looking for a web developer to join our team full-time, who will work with the existing web team as well as our graphic design and content team on a range of projects.

To be considered for this role, you must have a clear knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Jquery as well as being familiar with PHP.

You must also be able to write clean and reusable code and be responsive with web design, grid systems, frameworks, and also cross-browser development and accessibility.

The ideal candidate should have good time management, organisational and communication skills, and the ability to work well within a team, as well as having experience in the development of websites for desktop, tablet and mobile and CMS systems.

What would be beneficial, but not compulsory, for this role is that the candidate has two years of work experience in a development role and experience with SCSS and Ecommerce CMS systems, with a thorough knowledge of Version control (GIT).

At Walnut we offer a range of fantastic benefits for our employees, including a competitive salary based on experience and ability, flexible working hours, and a company pension scheme.

We can also offer you a great working environment, alongside a fantastic group of people, team social events, and an early Friday finish!

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please send your CV to info@walnutcreative.co.uk (strictly no recruitment agencies please).

14th September 2020

The Importance Of A Responsive Website

One of the first places your customers will go to find out more information about your business is likely to be your website.

Not only can they find out more about your offerings, but they can get a sense of what you’re all about, find out any information they need, and even make a purchase.

Your website is your central hub so ensuring that it looks good, contains optimised and relevant content, and is also user friendly is vitally important to ensure a smooth user experience.

It’s also key that your website is responsive, being able to easily adapt to both mobile and desktop formats.

But why is this so important?

Improves Your SEO Efforts

You’ve probably heard the term SEO (search engine optimisation) a million times, but it’s really important to consider if you’re wanting your website to rank highly on search engines.

Google began using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal back in 2015, rewarding websites that were fully optimised for mobile platforms. Since 2018, Google follows mobile-first indexing, which means they now primarily crawl, index and rank the mobile version of your website.

Achieving a high ranking not only adds credibility to your business and your products and/or services, but it also means more users will visit and convert, so ensuring your mobile site is up to scratch matters!

Desktop And Mobile Usage Is Almost The Same

Research conducted from July 2019 to July 2020 showed that mobile and desktop usage in the UK is almost the same, highlighting how important it is to consider both formats when designing and developing a website.

You don’t want to be alienating and missing out on any potential customers!

Improved Seamless User Experience

As well as helping it to rank higher, having a responsive website also means that the customer journey should be smooth sailing.

It’s important that no matter the screen size or device that your website is being viewed on, it works seamlessly. If someone visits your website on a mobile device and it takes forever to load, or your pictures do not have the proper resolution, it can appear unprofessional.

Your website should create a consistent user experience, helping your customers to easily navigate around your site whether that be on mobile or desktop.

The more seamless the user experience, the more likely your customers are to convert, and whether this means more sales, or more people getting in touch with your business, it’s golden!

If you're looking to give your website an update, or maybe even start one from scratch, drop our Lead Web Developer Tom an email on tom@walnutcreative.co.uk.

7th September 2020

A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Executive

Social media has completely changed marketing, becoming a powerful tool to connect directly with your audience.

It allows you to shape conversation around your brand, increase brand awareness, build loyalty with your customers and even attract new business.

There are plenty of ways to utilise social media in your marketing strategy to reap the rewards, from paid advertising, community management, organic content and more.

We thought we’d get the inside scoop from our Digital Content Executive, Alisha, who specialises in social media here at Walnut…

Check For Notifications

The first thing I do in the morning is check for any notifications on my clients’ social media accounts, which is extremely important to ensure I keep on top of customer comments, or any trends that might be relevant for clients to jump on.

This can take a little while, as each client often has two, three, or even four different platforms (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) that I need to check through.

After this, I’ll check my emails and respond accordingly.

Check Paid Accounts

Once I’ve done this, it’s time to check my paid social media accounts! This is primarily on Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads/Analytics. Paid social is a great way to reach new audiences who might not have heard of you yet, rather than having to rely on your organic followers.

I check the performance of any ads that are running, make sure budgets are being used efficiently, and make any necessary tweaks to help boost performance. Paid social can often be a lot of trial and error, so testing different ad copy and creatives to see what works best with your target audience is vital.

There is usually a bit of data to sift through, especially on the larger campaigns, but it’s always satisfying to see an ad you’ve created bringing in great results for clients, whether that be conversions, increased website traffic, more leads, or something else!

Stay On Top Of The News

One thing I find really useful to help me keep on top of the latest trends and news in the social media community is to be signed up to any relevant email newsletters (Social Media Today do a really good one!), and to spend some time each day reading through them.

It’s also useful to sign up to any client industry-specific newsletters to keep on top of the latest news in their sectors! This is a great way to find interesting and relevant talking points for social media.

A Bit Of Everything

The rest of my day can vary. I might be pulling together social schedules for clients, scheduling in content to go out, having a call with a client, writing new ad copy, briefing in new ad graphics to our amazing design team, looking at what kind of posts have been performing well, researching future content, analysing data, pulling together social media reports, the list is endless!

I’ll always take a little break away from my computer and what I’m doing on my dinner break. You’ll usually find me scrolling through Tik Tok or Instagram, but this can actually be a great way to accidentally stumble across some good content to take inspiration from!

It can be hectic at times, but that’s one of my favourite things about working in social media. Every day is so varied as it’s such a fast paced industry that’s always changing, and the day-to-day tasks can vary massively.


Having a to-do list is definitely useful when working in social media, as often I could have lots of little tasks to do, so it can be easy for things to slip your mind if you’re not really organised. A diary is also useful to keep on top of things!

And Finally…

Social media can be very unpredictable, which can sometimes make it difficult. It can also be very rewarding though, proving time and time again to be an extremely powerful, creative and interactive way to reach your customers.

If you’re looking for some support with your brand’s social media, email Alisha on alisha@walnutcreative.co.uk.

3rd September 2020

Emily S is August’s Employees of the Month 

The Walnut team haven’t let Emily S’s hard work go unnoticed and that’s why for August, she was voted Employee of the Month by the rest of the Walnutters.

Our Senior Graphic Designer, Emily was nominated by the rest of the team for her ability to hit targets with ease and showcase some truly high-quality designs.

Not only that, but her communication and support offered to both our clients and the rest of the team is what made her stand out in particular last month.

She is incredibly flexible and often alters her schedule to ensure direction and support is provided.

The team is all grateful to have her here at Walnut and know she is a well-deserved winner for this month’s accolade.

Thanks again for working your socks off, Emily, and congratulations on being our Employee of the Month for August!

Who will be the winner of the award in September? Stay tuned!

18th August 2020

Emily Q is Employee of the Month for July

July was our second month doing our Employee of the Month scheme, and we’re delighted to reveal that the Walnut team have for voted Emily Q to take the crown!

Emily has recently joined the Walnut team as Content Marketing Coordinator, and not only has fitted in extremely well, which must have been hard with us all working from home, but she’s also been producing some outstanding work for clients, with positive feedback flooding in across the board.

It feels like she’s already been at Walnut forever, and we’re really looking forward to seeing her progression and more of her wonderful work!

We’re really proud of you Emily (and the rest of our Walnutters, of course).

12th August 2020

A Day In The Life Of A Graphic Designer (WFH Style!)

Our graphic design team is without a doubt the cornerstone of Walnut.

A striking design is an excellent way to enhance your marketing and communication with your customers, whether that be in with a logo, a brochure, a website design, an email marketing campaign or even a graphic on social media.

Our talented team of designers here at Walnut do a reyt good job day in, day out, so we thought we’d shed some light on what a typical day in their shoes looks like, by having a chat with our Senior Graphic Designer Emily!

Take it away Emily…

I’ll log on just before 9am, cup of herbal tea in hand, and write a priority list of tasks for the day. Other jobs are likely to get briefed in through the day, especially if anyone else in the team needs any support with deadlines.

I’ll also make sure I’m on top of my emails, replying to any that needs responding to, and I’ll check my diary for any meetings that I have later in the day, adding them into my daily schedule.

Every other day we’ll then have our design team meeting, where each designer discusses what their day is looking like work-wise. We’ll also give any advice to each other, keep everyone in the loop on our workloads, brief in any new projects, and discuss new work and the latest styles and trends.

After our call I’ll then start to work through my task list, finding the best way to bring ideas to life. This includes spending time researching the best way to meet briefs, and finding new techniques and trends, whilst also developing a style and concept for the final design.

Whilst working through my daily list, urgent requests will naturally come through. Time management is really important in ensuring that original deadlines are met, whilst also handling any urgent work that comes in day to day.

Dinner Time
I’ll always take this time to get a break away from my screen! It’s really important to have a break, especially when you’re sat staring at a computer screen for the most of the day, and I always find I can come back refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon’s workload.

Rest Of The Day…
After dinner I’ll check my emails again, and respond accordingly. Usually in the afternoon I’ll have at least one Zoom call with either a client or the Walnut team.

I’ll crack on with any projects I was working on in the morning, until the end of the day.

I like to spend the last part of my day reflecting on which tasks I have done, and which work needs to continue into tomorrow. I make notes on any work that needs to be given priority tomorrow morning.

If any of the team are waiting on work from me, I’ll communicate this with them, and let them know when they can expect it to be done.

A good design is often the first thing that people notice, so it’s an important job to get right. Not only does a strong design look aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps keep consistency and conveys your brand’s personality, and what you’re all about.

I love the creativity of being a graphic designer and being able to bring brands to life, even if it can be really busy at times!

Is your business searching for a new look? If you’re wanting to freshen up your brand, drop Emily an email on emily@walnutcreative.co.uk!

3rd August 2020

How Could Video Marketing Be Effective For Your Business?

It’s no secret that we all live in an extremely fast-paced and competitive world, and it can be a real struggle to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Whilst video marketing is nothing new, it has proved time and time again to be an extremely effective tool to include in your marketing strategy.

In a world obsessed with aesthetics and image, strong video content in particular can be a great way to really WOW your audience, catch their attention, and communicate your key messages.

If video marketing is something you’re thinking of introducing to your business, keep reading!

We thought we’d take a closer look at its benefits…

Looks More Professional

Using high quality videos when marketing your business not only makes it appear extra professional and polished, but it also can give you that extra edge over your competitors, who might not be using material of the same quality.

Professional videos will help inspire confidence and reflect the quality of your products and/or services for people who may not already be familiar with your business.

Video Is The Easiest Way to Explain Something

New product? New service? New case study you want to show off?

A video is a great way to show off all the bits that you want your audience to see in a controlled way. Not only do people respond better to visual content, but you can include a lot more information and more visuals in a video, compared to lump of text.

Help Boost Your SEO, Social Content AND Email Marketing Open Rate

Videos are a great way to keep people engaged with your website and social media pages for longer, and they work a treat running as a social media ad too. Did we mention they are also great to use in email marketing?

Not only are videos eye-catching, but according to DreamGrow visual content is x40 more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content.

Video content on your website’s landing page is also capable of increasing conversions by up to 80%, and mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email increases the open rate by 19%, according to DepositPhotos  The figures speak for themselves!


Video content can be utilised across a number of platforms, including your website, across your social media channels (including as ads!), in your email marketing campaigns, and even uploaded to your Youtube channel. That’s multiple opportunities to share your video content, and reap the benefits!

Sound good?

If you’re looking to develop a video marketing strategy for your business, or have any questions, we’d be happy to help!

You can get in touch with our photographer and videographer Josh, at josh@walnutcreative.co.uk.

30th July 2020

Say hello to Adam and Emily!

The worldwide pandemic hasn’t stopped us investing in our high performing team, and we’re delighted to announce it has expanded once more with not one, but two new Walnut members!

Joining the Web Developer team is Adam, who just before joining Walnut, took off on a six-month expedition across the eastern side of the world.

On his return, Adam was eager to get back to his specialist subject of web development, which he has been involved with for nearly ten years at a number of previous agencies, after graduating and studying Multimedia Technologies at Sheffield Hallam University.

Adam will be working alongside recently promoted Lead Web Developer Tom, supporting the web and design team with his skill and expertise

Also new to the team, is our new Content Marketing Coordinator, Emily Quinn, who is joining our PR, Social Media and Content department.

Having worked in a similar role at previous agencies, Emily is well equipped and a perfect fit to work on everything content-related.

Emily’s knowledge spans across a large number of marketing practices and she even specialises in SEO copywriting – meaning her content is not only interesting to read, but it’ll also increase your brand’s visibility and search engine traffic too.

She will also be aiding Walnut with everything social media, blog and PR related to include marketing campaigns and content creation.

Having only worked here a short period, both Adam and Emily have fit into the team with ease and have made their mark with some outstanding contributions of work.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them on board!

29th July 2020

Tom promoted to Lead Web Developer!

Working from home during lockdown hasnt stopped our team members working to their full potential. During this period, Walnut has seen some big changes and theyre not stopping any time soon, as were delighted to announce Toms promotion to Lead Web Developer!

Tom’s started with us last year and has been instrumental in growing the web portfolio for the business. His array of technical skills and eagerness to learn new skills are just some of the reasons for his promotion.

Walnut has moved to strengthen its senior team and Toms new role will see him heading up the web department, prioritising web development projects, setting appropriate timelines, assigning tasks to team members and liaising with designers to decide on UI/UX elements.

He will also be focusing on enhancing websites, identifying user and system requirements; running functionality tests, debugging code and creating wireframes to decide on layout.

Glen Crossland, Director at Walnut, said: Tom joined us last year with a vast skillset under his belt, along with a determination to enhance his talents while working at Walnut.

This promotion will see Tom take on a well-deserved senior position, and the whole team cant wait to see him grow!

If you would like to find out more how Walnut can help your web development and design or if you have any questions on our services, get in touch with Tom at tom@walnutcreative.co.uk or call the office on 01226 720711.

16th July 2020

Digitalisation For The New Normal

We caught up with Walnut Director, Glen, to find out his visions for growth in the new normal and just how the right marketing plan will impact the future of digital in business.

Future-proofing your business is more important than ever right now. Over the past few months, I’ve seen businesses struggling to stay afloat due to the effects of the global pandemic, and in all honesty, things haven’t been easy for us either! The team have all pulled together to make things work for our clients in a way that I never expected. Our heart and soul goes into work for our clients and knowing we’ve made a difference is a job well done! However, even though it’s been full steam ahead for us lately, it’s made me think about what the future holds and just how we can use the world of marketing to future proof our own businesses and to ensure we get a constant stream of customers coming in.

Keep your marketing going

Marketing your business is what keeps you going. Without marketing, everything stops. Customers go elsewhere. No one hears about your news. What is it you do again? Being at the forefront of your industry is crucial to getting customers to notice you, which means it is absolutely vital to keep your marketing going in any way you can, even when times are tough.

Your overall digital strategy is important, with everything from your website, organic social content, blogging, email marketing and beyond playing a huge part in your business’ success. Without the right strategy in place, the effects of 2020’s global pandemic could mean you get left behind.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout recent months, it’s that we should all be looking to the future of our business and how we plan on reaching our business goals no matter what.

Creating a futureproof digital strategy in the new normal

Preparing for business in the new normal must start with creating a complete digital strategy which is futureproof, and one which can be easily amended to adapt with new developing trends.

Make it easy for your customers

The needs of customers are forever changing, especially these days. It’s surprising how much of an effect the pandemic has had on the needs of our own clients’ customers! We’ve had to make some adjustments to our clients’ strategies to incorporate recent changes, from promoting brand new products to further assist in the fight against COVID19, to placing a brand new focus in content strategies to make our clients more relevant at this time.

Think about your customer expectations. For example, is it important that your customers can find what they need quickly? Can a customer navigate around your website easily or find the right information within seconds? Looking at how people use your website now can be an indicator of what needs to be changed for the future to give them a better experience.

This is not just relevant for your website either; think about your content and social media strategies too. Are you keeping up with trends in your industry, thinking ahead and being there whenever your customers need something? Do you know the types of content your customers love and why they love it? It’s impossible to know what the future holds and how customer behaviour will change over time, but analysing and reviewing their habits now will give you a good indication of their needs in the future.

A future-proof content strategy

Having a content strategy and creating new content which will continue to be relevant for years to come is near impossible. Creating content that you can amend to be more relevant in the future is what you should aim for. We always see a blog as being such a useful tool on our client’s websites and we always encourage them to use this to their advantage! Our content team always keeps up to date with industry trends so they can amend strategies when needed and focus exactly on what matters to our client’s target audience.

Writing content isn’t the be-all and end-all of content marketing. Sharing that content far and wide with the people who want to see it is just as important and will continue to be this way as the years pass. Think about how you can incorporate your content into your organic social media strategy and your email marketing plan or repurposing this content to create new and exciting ways for your customers to engage with you. Writing, promoting and sharing content is what our own content team here at Walnut thrive on, and they know just how to get your content seen in all the important places.

Take care of your subscribers

The usual list of responsiveness, interactivity and intrigue is sure to get people clicking through those emails, but what does the future look like for email marketing and your subscribers? Keeping emails as visual and interactive as possible, and ensuring your content is accessible to all is what will make your email marketing plan futureproof, but how will the new normal impact how we shop and access information?

From shopping through emails alone to receiving highly personalised email content, things are predicted to change dramatically over the next few years. How we shop in the future will change, and digital will be the way forward for many, if not all businesses who haven’t yet embraced it. By thinking about your email marketing strategy now, this will place you in good stead for the future of digital. We’re ready to future-proof our client’s strategies right now, so if you’re looking for help, we’ve got the team available to make it happen.

The future of your marketing can start today with Walnut Creative

Focusing on how you advertise online and your whole digital marketing strategy for the future is important right now. As a business, we’re putting the measures into place for both ourselves and our clients to keep them afloat in the new normal and to ensure they thrive in a new digital world.

If you need marketing support for your business as we move forward further into a world of digital, our team can help you. Take a look at our range of services to see how we can help and give us a call today.

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