8th March 2021

International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women of Walnut

It’s International Women’s Day!

A day where we celebrate women’s achievements, work to raise awareness for equality and to forge women’s empowerment across the globe.

This year, the IWD theme is #ChooseToChallenge. We're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, and we can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. Together, we can choose to celebrate women’s achievements and help create an inclusive world.

As well as celebrating women everywhere, we want to highlight our very own women of Walnut, and the goals/achievements these gals are proud of!

Alisha - Digital Content Executive

Achievement-wise, for me up there has to be getting into my dream university at 18, and then graduating with my degree in 2018. I’m the first person in my family to go to university, so it was a really proud moment for me, and something that I had worked incredibly hard for. Work-wise, I think seeing some of the successful results that I’ve managed to produce for clients, especially on Facebook Ads, has been something that I’ve been really chuffed with. My goals for the future are to keep gaining more and more experience in what I do, and to keep learning new things each day. I’m excited to see where my career is going to take me, and how my skills are going to develop over time.

Emily Q - Content Marketing Coordinator

Buying my first home is always going to be one of my big achievements! I’ve also always wanted to write a book and hold a physical copy of it in my hands. I’ve been working on a novel on and off, but last year, I had my first children’s book illustrated. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to hold it properly! In my work life, I want to continue growing my career in content - there’s always more to learn.

Emily S - Senior Designer

My past achievements include gaining my First Class Degree, founding and running my International Women's Day event "Women of the Seven Hills" and becoming a Senior Designer here at Walnut. My goals would include learning to animate, developing my design skills further, and to be a positive role model for younger girls and women.

Freya - PPC and Social Media Executive

After leaving university with a 2:1 in Sociology, I was able to take a year out, save up and go travelling in South America for 4 months. Then on IWD two years ago I got my first marketing job as Junior Marketing Exec, and within 6 months was able to buy myself a car and move out of the family home. After a year I was promoted to Digital Marketing Exec and six months later I was head hunted for my current role at Walnut. My future goals are to become a master of all things Paid Social/PPC related and to buy my first home!

Ruby - Junior Designer

I joined Walnut at 16 and became a Junior Designer after a year. I’ve been here almost 3 years now, developing as a person whilst growing my career at Walnut. I’ve recently made the big move out of home too! My goals are getting all my qualifications and progressing from my role into further roles, gaining more experience and improving every day.

Shauna - Graphic Designer

I graduated with a first class degree in Digital Media Production at Sheffield Hallam University which was certainly one of my biggest achievements to date. I still want to expand on my animation skills in the future! I also hope to buy my first house this year.

Sian - Web Developer

I think one of my biggest achievements recently has been learning to drive and getting my first car. Being accepted here at Walnut as a developer has also been a huge achievement for me as it has been something I've been working towards for a few years now. My goals would be to mainly improve on my current skillset but I'd also like to look into plugin development.

Vick - Content Marketing Coordinator

In my career experience, one of my biggest successes is moving from one industry to another and adapting my content to suit the style of the sector. My goals for the future are to expand my skillset and, in general, just be the best version of myself.

On behalf of everyone at Walnut, we want to thank all our Walnut gals for their hard work, determination, and for helping make the Walnut team as strong as it is today. We salute you!

5th March 2021

How Are You Using Social Media?

Social media marketing is, without a doubt, essential to any business’ marketing strategy.

However, the key to success is in the how. How companies utilise the online social media sphere and how social media is optimised for the intended results.

Here, we have answered some of the hows, that when utilised properly, give online businesses the best start in their online social media journey.

Social Media Strategy Planning

It’s easy to become counterproductive when creating social media posts. Perhaps you find yourself posting updates for the sake of posting updates, or trying to replicate exactly what another brand has already done.

This is often due to the lack of strategic planning that should outline where you are, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. You need to set out a roadmap tailored specifically to your business’ online journey.

It is important to remember that your social media marketing strategy should support your overall business goals and the need to evaluate strategies are necessary in order to stay competitive.

Understanding your target audience

With more than half the world using social media and new members joining all the time, it would be wrong to assume who your target audience is online. Segmenting your customers, creating customer profiles and personas based on data is the smartest way to really understand your customers wants and needs.

Utilising social media analytics can provide this much-needed intelligence for companies to make informed decisions about their social strategies and understand more about their target audience.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is important in conveying the right messages to your customers and portraying your overall brand identity. Getting it right may take some time, but it’s essential to humanise your brand, enabling customers to resonate with your messages and for you to build trust and loyalty with them.

Finding your most successful tone of voice lies within understanding your target audience. We’ve written another blog post all about defining your brand’s tone of voice!

Using Hashtags

Using hashtags has become second nature when creating posts online. It's a way to connect your content with a certain topic or conversation, making it much easier for social media users to discover posts relevant to them. They allow categorisation in order to increase potential reach and increase online visibility to like-minded businesses or individuals.

Categorising your businesses with specific #hashtags means marketers can search, benchmark and exceed in social media strategies. Spamming your social media posts with lots of hashtags that might not be relevant can be detrimental to the success of your social media posts. Use them wisely!

Two-way communications

With the ability to hide behind our computer screens, it is sometimes forgotten that social media platforms present a two-way communications model. In other words, reply to your customers!

Communication is a must in order to build those long-lasting relationships you are looking for. If a customer has a question or query about their outstanding order, and decide to post this on promotional content instead of seeking the right communications methods, although it might not be the ‘correct’ procedure, ignoring the comment can only increase the frustration the customer feels.

From a customer perspective, positively communicating with them shows accountability and excellent customer service. As a result, customers are more likely to deal with you again!

Need a hand?

Have you identified any areas that you think you can improve on, but don’t have the knowledge or the time to understand this further? That's where we come in.

Call us on 01226 720 711 to find out how we can help you build your online social media presence!

17th February 2021

Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Business

2020 and the global pandemic has had instrumental effects on business’ marketing strategies. Those who hadn’t already, joined the online sphere, and those who were already established online tried to find extra creative ways to market their businesses.

However, effective marketing is not as simple as setting up a Facebook or Instagram account and posting regularly. To build your online presence takes time and dedication. It takes the understanding of your brand personality, your tone of voice, and working within your capabilities to communicate the right messages to the right target audience. This often requires thoughtful creative thinking. How can you implement new creative ideas to boost your business?


Hashtags are a great way to boost social media posts as they share content with a wider community of people. Using the relevant #hashtags are important in building loyalty and trust from not only current customers, but potential new ones too.

Jump on trending #hashtags to get your business noticed in real-time to a greater audience. It is a good way to boost engagement.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a great way to increase the efficiency of your online marketing, allowing you to uncover what relevant keywords are going to bring your business the most value. Utilising these keywords in your social media content, PPC campaigns, your website copy and blogs will help you increase your online visibility, and make your content more accessible to your desired audience.

Well-researched keywords not only can help improve your organic listings, but also mean your PPC campaigns can be super targeted, so you can make sure you’re not wasting any of your budget on keywords that aren't going to generate results.

Animation / GIFS

It is common knowledge for marketers that video content reaches and engages consumers more than text or image posts. Animations and GIFs are becoming increasingly favourable due to their ability to catch people’s attention quickly, offer call-to-action capabilities, trigger emotional responses and therefore increase shareability.

Market Research - Facts and figures

Any business can make claims that they are the best in their industry, provide the best technology, or help save you money, but proving it is something else.

There are many different value propositions for market research in business, and for the majority, it is worth using the results of your market research to give you that competitive edge over the competition by using them for content creation. Market research allows that opportunity for businesses to make strategic informed decisions and strengthen marketing strategies.

Community Engagements & Community Marketing

Industry experts predict the increase in community-based marketing efforts in 2021, calling it 'The year of reconnection'. Community-based marketing is a popular public relations strategy that this year will hold extremely high value to businesses.

Engaging with charity work and supporting community projects, as well as creating open platforms for like-minded people to communicate with your brand, to share tips, views and opinions are increasingly important.

It is important to approach such tactics with respect and sensitivity, carefully selecting the right methods of communications to allow these conversations to be opened up. Careful monitoring and regular engagement are needed to build loyal long-lasting relationships.

Need a hand?

Quite often, businesses don’t have the time or capabilities to take full creative control over their marketing efforts and need a little helping hand in building their online presence.

Contact us on 01226 720 711 and let us help you boost your business!

10th February 2021

How to get creative with your marketing on Valentine’s Day

For most, Valentine’s Day is a date dedicated to celebrating love, but commercially, February 14th provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to promote and capitalise on their products and services.

And even during a pandemic, this year is no exception as Valentine’s Day has become the event of the season. The novelty holidays are being fully embraced by the general public during the coldest lockdown yet and that’s why it’s never been more important to acknowledge the heart-shaped holiday within your marketing strategy.

At Walnut Creative, we are sharing some of the most effective Valentine’s Day marketing strategies for you to implement this Feb:


Get hearty <3

It’s the time of year where love heart emojis and graphics have to be overused. It’s true, we don’t make the rules... it’s common knowledge that those little heart-shapes need to be everywhere - on your website, across your socials and in your branding.

Not only does this indicate that your company doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also shows that it is up to date with all of the latest trends.

Adding seasonal branding, while maintaining your current aesthetics, can increase brand recognition and is an invaluable tool for advertising special promotions.

Valentine’s Day offers

While we’re on the topic of special promotions, there is probably no better tool to utilise in your marketing strategy than an online sales campaign - especially now millions of us primarily shop over the internet.

Especially since Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved one, and oneself (if single). By creating a Valentine’s discount code your business is showcasing that it appreciates its customers and draws further attention to your services and products.

Show your appreciation

Despite the commercial nature of the holiday, you don’t have to go fully promotional in February, you can always use Valentine’s Day as a way of showing your appreciation, be it for your customers, staff, fellow businesses or a charity. Valentine’s Day is all about love after all!

Why not spread the love through a heartwarming email campaign, an appreciative social post or by donating a share of your sales to charity? By giving back, your business can showcase its more compassionate side, which will be warmly received by all.

If your company needs help with its creative marketing strategies on Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter, Walnut Creative can help. We take pride in producing quality marketing materials that boast innovative design, incorporate the latest trends and fresh ideas to make them work for your business.

Get in touch with the team today at info@walnutcreative.co.uk to get started!

19th January 2021

Defining Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

In business, we all want to stand out. We want to be seen in a certain light, one that portrays exactly what we want to achieve and one that brings in the right leads. This is one thing every business has in common; we all want to get noticed!

Your tone of voice is your brand’s personality, and you should know your personality better than anyone else. Are you conveying this in both your written and visual content? If not, you’re missing out on some seriously important marketing.

Getting your tone just right takes time, even identifying your brand’s personality can take a bit of work, especially if you’re a new business. What steps can you take to define your brand’s tone of voice, and how can you share this with existing and potential customers?

Get to know who your audience really is

Selling to the right people is so important for success. So, get to know them. Find out their interests and other types of content they engage with. Perhaps they engage more with the fun content than the more serious - experiment with your own content too to find out what sparks up a response.

Research your competitors, but don’t focus on them

Of course, researching your competition is a must to see what you’re up against, but don’t make them the main focus of what you’re trying to achieve. No one likes a copycat, especially not the brand you’re copying from. People like new and original, so make sure you think outside the box instead of replicating exactly what you’ve seen another brand use.

Identify your core values

Knowing what you’re setting out to achieve can help massively with your tone of voice. What are the goals for you and your business? What do you stand for? Why is your brand unlike others out there? Answering these questions alone can give you a pretty good idea of what your brand’s tone of voice should be.

This or that

There are four primary tone of voice dimensions that are often considered when businesses go through the stage of identifying their personality:

  • Formal or casual?
  • Humorous or serious?
  • Respectful or irreverent?
  • Enthusiastic or matter-of-fact?


Of course, you’ll need to tread carefully - you don’t want to upset your customer base or prevent the right customers from being turned off by your approach!

Need a hand?

If you’re struggling to give your brand a little personality, we’re here to help. From complete rebrands to tailoring your content to your brand’s personality, we’re a talented bunch and here to help you when you need it.

Get in touch with the team today and let’s create a brand to be remembered!

14th January 2021

Why Corporate Photography Can Help You To Capture Your Audience

You’ve heard it all before: ‘New year, new me’.

Whilst it can be a lot of effort to take part in this tradition yourself, it might be a lot easier than you think to apply it to your business instead, and give it a strong start to 2021!

Keeping your business’ marketing fresh and eye-catching is key to making it stand out amongst your competition, and imagery in particular can play a big part in this.

Not only can having excellent visuals, whether that be on your social media channels, your website or even in a brochure, make your offering look really professional and convey the quality of what you offer, but it can also:

  • Catch your audience’s attention;
  • Improve the perception of your brand;
  • Help build a strong brand identity;
  • Show off what you’re all about;
  • Increase brand recognition;
  • Make your offering look more appealing to potential customers;


All of which will help to generate more sales and enquires for your business!

Professional photography of your staff, your facilities, and/or your products is really important to make the right impression, and it can be a great starting point if you’re looking to refresh your business and what you’re putting out there.

Our team of photographers are highly skilled in showing businesses in their best light, armed with the latest equipment and a strong eye for detail.

Want to see our work in action? Just look at some of the shots we’ve captured for our clients during the past 12 months!

If you’d be interested in booking a shoot with us, or finding out more, why not message our lead photographer Josh at josh@walnutcreative.co.uk?




5th January 2021

It’s business as usual at Walnut

Last night it was announced the country would plunge into another nationwide lockdown, in a move reminiscent of last March.

The last lockdown caused a number of complications for businesses across the UK and forced many to move their operations, services and products online.

In 2020, Walnut Creative helped new and existing companies digitalise effectively, which is why, we wanted to further assure our clients that it’s business as usual for us, as we remain open to help navigate our clients through this difficult period.

What we’re doing
Like in 2020, our main priority continues to be keeping our employees and communities as healthy and as safe as possible, which is why our team will continue working from home for the foreseeable, keeping communication levels high with email monitoring, zoom chats and regular phone calls.

How we can help you
2021 will see a huge shift in social media and marketing. After a strenuous year of survival for lots of companies, many are now incorporating digital technologies into their business and social processes. And they would be right to do so.

To survive the new competitive online landscape, you will need support and Walnut is the company to help. Whether it’s boosting customer engagement, company branding or increasing sales and services, we can help you gain valuable traffic and revenue through our organic content, paid social advertising, Google ads and analytics.

Over the past year especially, Walnut has proven to be a profitable channel for a mix of businesses, in an array of industries, looking for fast and effective traffic and conversions.

Website audits
At Walnut, we’re here to improve your digital presence in a multitude of ways, one way we would start is with a website audit.

A site audit identifies issues with the website as a whole, its performance, vulnerability and identifies a number of key ways a business can improve its site and ultimately, its online presence.

The site auditing process analyses user engagement, user experience, traffic, functionality, site health and website performance and most importantly sets you ahead of the competition.

Keeping your business digital is so important right now, so if you have any questions about any of our services, or you're looking for a creative agency to take you in the right direction, give us a call on 01226 720 711 or drop us an email at info@walnutcreative.co.uk

24th December 2020

Looking Back At 2020

It’s definitely safe to say this year has been one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

It’s been tough and we could all list off the endless negatives, but instead we’ve decided to take a
look at the positives from this year (we love a pozzy vibe here at Walnut) as we head towards

New Staff Members
When the pandemic hit in March, we never would have thought we’d be ending the year with six
new members of staff.

In the summer we welcomed Emily Q as one of our Content Marketing Coordinators, followed by
Adam who joined our talented team of web developers.

More recently, we welcomed Sian as another Web Developer, Freya as a PPC and Social Media
Executive, Jessie as a PR apprentice and Joe as a Design Intern. Phew!

We feel very lucky that we were able to invest in our team this year, allowing us to grow further
and expand our skillset.

Moved Office
We also managed to relocate in 2020, moving into the DMC 2.0, just across the road from our old
office at the original DMC!

The new state-of-the-art digital hub has been custom built for creative companies, offering
premium office space and the chance for us to move into a larger office.

Despite the fact that most of us have been working from home for a lot of this year, our new office
is already feeling like home, plus we’re still within walking distance from Greggs, woo!

Celebrated Five Years As A Business
We also hit another milestone, celebrating our 5th birthday (cue the party poppers and balloons)!

The time has absolutely flown, but we feel very proud of our team for all of their hard work over
the years, which has got us to where we are. What started off as a one-man band has grown into
a big family, working on a range of clients all over the globe.

Looking at what we’ve managed to achieve in the last five years, we’re definitely looking forward
to the next five!

Promotions Across The Board
Despite the circumstances, and our homes becoming our new offices for much of the year, our
team has thrived. We’ve seen progression in all of our teams, including Emily S being promoted to
Senior Graphic Designer and Tom to Lead Web Developer.

Alisha’s role also changed, moving from a Social Media Executive to a Digital Content Executive
as her skillset expanded.

Our team has also been investing in training throughout the year, as we strive to always improve
our offering.

Go team!

Busiest Year To Date
We also have had our busiest year to date!

We’re grateful for all of our clients, old and new, for supporting us throughout this year, and
despite many obstacles our Walnutters have managed to work harder than ever, seeing a surge in
the amount of work we’ve had coming in and going out.

As we head into 2021, we’re looking forward to working on some new and exciting projects,
continuing to elevate our current client base, and we also have a big announcement that we hope
to reveal very soon.

From all of us at Walnut, Merry Christmas and we hope you all have a Happy New Year!

3rd November 2020

Meet our new Web Developer, Sian!

Despite the difficult climate, Walnut has seen staff expansion over the pandemic and it doesn’t stop there as we welcome to the team our new Web Developer, Sian!

Sian will be working alongside Web Developers’ Adam and recently promoted, Tom. Joining us in October, Sian is supporting us during a busy season for web development projects.

Self-taught Sian began her passion for all things web when she started making ad hoc sites a couple of years ago. 

This then gave her the opportunity to become a developer in a software company focusing on software to website integrations, website development and maintenance. 

Sian applied for our new role as she wanted to set her sights more on web development, and to her, Walnut seemed a modern company, with a lovely group of people with a similar mindset!

Our new web developer said: “I’m most looking forward to being apart of a creative team and I'm excited to bring some of the amazing designs done by the incredibly talented designers here to life!” 

Glen Crossland, Director at Walnut, said: “Our list of web development projects has grown rapidly over lockdown, so having Sian as a new member of the team will really support the department. 

“Sian has a great deal of experience and we’re thrilled to have her on board.”

28th October 2020

How To Stand Out On Social Media

Social media is a competitive game. It can be difficult to get your brand to truly stand out, especially if you have limited resources and/or time.

We’re all guilty of scrolling aimlessly through our feeds, but how do you make people stop and take notice of your business?

We thought we’d share a few tips on how you can make sure you’re standing out on social media!

Get Animated

Looking to do something a bit different on social media? How about an animation?

Animations are a great way to stand out from your competitors, and to show off your business in a fun and engaging way.

Animations can also be really useful for explaining complex or long processes quickly and effectively. Remember, when tweeting you only get 280 characters to say what you need to say, and sometimes that isn’t enough.

You also don’t want to bombard your audience with a load of text on other platforms!

An animation can help you get around the character limit, and avoid boring your audience with chunks of text, and if done well it can also look super professional and innovative.

Be Unique

Perhaps an obvious one, but if you’re wanting to stand out on social media, make sure you’re posting unique content!

If you’re posting similar stuff to your competitors, you’re just going to blend into the crowd. Is there something that your competitors aren’t offering or posting about? Could you fill that gap? What could you do differently to them?

Strong Imagery

All social media platforms tend to be quite visually-led, especially Instagram!

Therefore, it’s key that the imagery that is going out with your posts is going to catch people’s eye, capture the essence of your brand and look impressive.

Imagery can allow you to show off your products/services, allowing users to see first hand what they can expect from your business.

Whether that be a picture of a new jumper you’re selling, or a dish on your menu, there’s no better way to communicate the quality and appeal of a something than with a picture!

Creating on-brand graphics can also be a great way to catch people’s attention, and is a great option if you’re a bit short on photographs.

Strong Branding

Having strong branding is also another way to make sure you’re grabbing the attention of potential customers and clients.

A bold profile picture could be the thing that pulls a user into your profile, and smart branding will only reflect positively and professionally on your brand.

Good branding also sticks in people’s heads, just look at brands like Coca Cola and Apple!


Having a strategy in place to shape your content is another great way to really stand out on social media. Users don’t want to be seeing any old thing popping up randomly on their feeds.

Do you have a new product or service that you want to push? A new menu, or perhaps you’re running a competition?

Strategising how and when you’re going to post this information out on social media is really important, to help build intrigue and to catch your audience at the right time.

For example, if you’re launching a new product and have a launch date, why not spend the week prior to the launch teasing it on social media?

Keep Content Fresh & Engaging

This one should go without saying, but don’t keep posting the same old! People will quickly get bored of your content, and might even unfollow you.

Keep your content as fresh and engaging as possible!

Feel like you’ve got social media block? Why not check out some of your favourite brands on social media, to see what type of content they are posting?

Finding inspiration can be a great way to come up with some brilliant ideas that really grab your audience, and encourage them to engage with your brand and take action.

Choose The Right Platforms

Our final point is all about choosing the right platforms for your brand. Do some research to find out what platforms your target audience use the most!

It’s a waste of everyone’s time if you’re posting out your content on every single social media platform if you don’t need to be. Not only does it mean more work for you, but your efforts will potentially fall on deaf ears.

Remember the saying, square peg in a round hole!

If you choose the platforms that are the most likely to host your target audience, you can ensure your content will be reaching the right people and standing out.

Hopefully our tips will come in handy when you’re planning out your future social media content.

If you don’t really have the time or the resources to maximise your social media pages to their full potential, why not get in touch with our team of social media experts?

Leaning on our team of talented graphic designers and photographers/videographers, we can help to take your social media content to the next level.

Email our Digital Content Executive Alisha on alisha@walnutcreative.co.uk.

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